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  • Internet Marketing Services & Consulting

    Internet Marketing is promotion process on the medium, called ‘Internet’. Main benefits of using internet marketing are:

    • • Internet marketing is Global marketing;
    • • Internet marketing is cost effective;
    • • Internet marketing is fast growing marketing medium;
    • • Internet marketing is attractive both for companies and clients.

    Some of our Internet marketing methods are:

    • 1. Blog marketing – influential blogs and bloggers are considered opinion makers. Therefore, their opinion matters when people make a decision or create an opinion.
    • 2. Forum marketing - presenting the company in the forum community on related topics from the industry, topics that you know best.
    • 3. PPC Campaigns – it is the most influential type of web advertizing. Our PPC experts take care of keyword selection, account set up and management, tracking and improving results. All these steps have one goal, to improve click-through and ROI.
    • 4. Social Networking Marketing in the time when social networks blur, marketing there is very smart move; everybody is there. Meeting people, showing the work and discuss about it unofficially, person to person. It is a good way to make people hear you.
    • 5. Direct Marketing – it is a promotion via direct contact with your current or potential customers, through brochures, leaflets, press releases, etc. The goal is to create loyal and satisfied customers and clients. Remind your customers that you appreciate them.

    The fact that every client, every project and product are very different from one another make it impossible to create universal recipe for success. Detailed analyses of the project must be made in order to decide which approach is suitable for each specific project.