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    First of all we want to thank you for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire. The following questions are designed to provide a useful strategic planning tool for anyone planning a business website.

    Please complete the following questionnaire the best you can. Some of the questions are advanced; therefore If you don't understand a question, just move on to the next and we will take care of it later. This document will enable us to understand your requirements and expectations better, so that we can give you an accurate project estimate.

    You can fill in this form online or you can download it here (in .DOC format). If you decide to download the form, please answer the questions, save the form and then send it to our e-mail contact[at]

    1. Company name *
    2. Contact person (phone and e-mail) *
    3. Brief description of your business/industry: *
    4. Describe the target market for your business:

    5. Does your company have a logo?

    6. If yes, can you provide the logo in an electronic format?

    7. Does your company have established corporate colors? *

    8. If yes, please specify
    9. Do you have a defined budget for developing a website? *

    10. If yes, please specify:
    11. Is the content written/created?

    12. Do you require our content management and copywriting services? *

    13. How frequently will you expect to update the site? *

    14. Does your organization use other websites, web-based applications, or web-based services that this new site needs to integrate with or connect to? *

    15. Please describe them: *
    16. Do you have a need to have your website in multiple languages?

    17. If yes, please specify the languages:
    18. Which colors would you like to dominate on your website? Would you like your site light or dark?
    19. Do you want flash or html site? Combination from both technologies can be also done. *
    20. Please list examples of sites you like and what you like about them
    21. Do you expect visitors to use mobile devices to access your website? *

    22. Do you need content management system (CMS) for further management of the content? *

    23. Are you interested in our search engine optimization services? *

    24. Are you interested in our complete internet marketing services? *

    25. Do you already have a domain name?

    26. If yes, please specify:
    27. Would you like us to recommend a hosting service to you? *

    28. When would you like your web site to be launched?

    The fields marked with * are obligatory.

    * With the statement Vertigo NME obligates not to share any personal information sent with this for and certifies that every private data is secure. For more details, please read our Privacy Policy